TADAH kafferosteri

TADAH - here comes the coffee!

We welcome you to our micro coffee roastery!

TADAH kafferosteri is our unique retro homebase located in Lenhovda in the municipality of Uppvidinge 40 km to the northeast of Växjö with untouched nature and the "Glasriket" just around the corner. We offer a variety of fresh roasted coffeebeans and freshly brewed coffee drinks. You can also find accessories for home brewing as well as a small range of homebaked cookies and cakes.

Welcome to our coffee roastery, where we love to roast and share our favourite coffees with you. Working with amazing producers and importers, we bring you high quality, gourmet beans selected from premium sources from all around the world - roasted and packed with dedication and love. Come and enjoy!

Visit us in the dark and deep forests of Småland: in our roastery you will find a small shop with accessories for coffee (filters, jugs, cups, brewing methods, etc.) as well as a small "gårdsbod" with delicatessen from local producers (honey, ice cream, muesli, flour,tea, soap, etc.). We always have homemade “fika” you can enjoy with a cup of coffee, cappuccino or cascara in our cute retro café. And why not take a few pouches of fresh roasted coffee beans back home at the end of your visit. Of course, we can grind your purchase in the case you do not have a grinder at home. We are a cash-free shop where you can pay securely by card or swish.

We'll be happy to welcome you! ♥

The coffee.

Our coffee comes from more than 20 countries around the world. These countries make up part of the ‘Bean Belt’ – an area around the tropics where coffee plants can be grown successfully. Coffee can be found in Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

Coffee grows best in the tropics because it is best suited to mild temperatures, loves lots of rain, rich soil, and shaded sun. Soil, climate, and altitude all influence the taste of the coffee beans, so coffee from each region tastes different and unique.

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Support small businesses!

As a small business we depend on the support of our customers even after the pandemic. Your advantages when buying locally are:

  • With us you - the customer - is in the focus and you are not "oneof many". That means better personal advice, individual discussions and help with all coffee related topics
  • You can view the production process and know exactly what you are buying
  • We work with dedication, passion, heart and soul and apply our knowledge to offer the best quality. We can also respond individually to your wishes and needs. Please feel free and ask for more!
  • As a small owner-run enterprise we even offer home deliveries. Ask for that, too!
  • Supporting us, all other local producers and the region will guarantee that our attractive regional marketplace will be there for you in the long run

Conversely we also support the other small businesses and the region:

  • When possible we also buy locally from other small producers. Often and happily on the various Reko-markets in the region
  • We love Uppvidinge and already feel at home. With our project coffee"Uppvidinge blend" we support the local association of the "Maiblume" (https://majblomman.se/): for every 250g pouch of "Uppvidinge coffee" you buy, we donate 10kr. Thank you for your support!

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Helga peacock

Is the pandemic over? Covid-19-information:

Even if most of the restrictions of "The Public Health Agency" (Folkhälsomyndigheten) have now been
abolished, we continue to pay attention to very good hygiene, keep our distance and take care of each other and our customers. If youfeel sick, you are welcome on another day. Wash your hands regularly, keep your distance and be careful! You are welcome!