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What is speciliaty coffee...?

Every day we talk about coffee. There are thousands of different terms, meanings and descriptions. Here we offer a brief discription of the term “speciality coffee”.

Speciality coffee is the opposite of commercial coffee which is often traded on international stock exchanges.

Special coffee is a quality term where the coffee must exceed 80 points on a 100-degree scale to be called special coffee. Of all the millions of coffee bags produced annually, not even 10% is counted as specialty coffee.

Speciality coffee is mainly grown at high altitudes. So at this point we are refering primarily to Arabica beans. Coffee farmers take much care and attention to their plantation. After harvesting the beans are processed applying different methods and then sold as premium coffee to coffee traders, or direct to coffee roasters.

These fine Arabica grade coffees are sampled and evaluated on the cupping tables, where we – the tasters - rate them high on the acidity, sweetness, cup cleanliness, uniformity and aftertaste, amongst a few other scoring protocol.

We - coffee roasters - create and adapt custom profiles for each coffee, thus enhancing and highlighting their variety of natural flavours.

Following the successful roast you can use the carefully grown and roasted coffee to produce quality coffee beverages. When using high precision and specialised equipment you will be able to create a coffee that is unique and tasteful and elegant.

On the long journey speciality coffee travels, we are proud to offer our customer service based on high quality and craftmanship.